i saw hate towards:

hailhazza- why should anyone care how many times you change your url? it’s perfect no matter what it is, and your blog is always amazing. you’re one of my favorite blogs and i always wished you would follow me but youre too perf for me so it’s ok (:

deerstagram- don’t delete. there are so many people who want you to stay on tumblr because your blog is amazing and you’re super funny! if you delete i’ll be so upset ):

zarrycat- a hate blog called you ugly? i just looked at the post and gasped because i think you are one of the prettiest girls on tumblr i’ve ever seen. your blog is flawless and so are you (:

zarry- you should not be getting hate? your url, blog, and face is perfect. don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise! i already sent you a message and you put it under your favorites tag, but i thought i’d just say it here too.

boomitsnialler- your blog is amazing! i couldn’t even believe i saw you on a hate blog! i admire your blog and your oneshot’s are amazing. don’t listen to the haters (:

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